The June Edit: A Closer Look Inside Your June Cos Box

June 2019
Outside The Box
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Your Cos Box has officially landed and it’s time to step into a world of sparkle. Here’s a closer look inside your June box…

Narloa – Witch Hazel Facial Mist

Narloa’s Witch Hazel Facial Mist is the perfect clarifying and oil-balancing toner for your skin.
It’s a great stimulant for dull-looking skin and it works to tighten the skin and reduce the overall appearance of pores.

Witch Hazel is a holy grail ingredient, especially for blemish-prone skin types and those suffering from inflammation or sensitivities.

But why is Witch Hazel so special you ask? It is a 100% natural astringent, it helps to reduce sebum production and is antiseptic.
Narloa’s Witch Hazel Facial Mist is particularly special because it contains 100% Witch Hazel with no additives plus it is completely alcohol free.
We recommend using this facial mist either as a toner (spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over face) or as a shine-control spritz. You can use this before and after applying makeup to keep your face looking fresh.

Because this product is 100% preservative/ additive-free, we recommend using it within 4-6 months.

Sofia Latif- Under-eye Oil

Both nourishing and moisturising, Sofia Latif’s under-eye oil is easily absorbed into the deeper layers of skin to create a healthy and strengthened under-eye area; this product is everything you need in an eye oil and more. 
Produced with the melanin empowered in mind, this must-have product is packed with ingredients to boost the skin.

Head over to our Instagram for more details about this product from the Founder of the brand herself, including a tutorial on how to correctly apply the product. 

C.A.K.E Cosmetics – Liquid Highlighter

Since June’s Cos Box is all about the glow, we had to have this highly pigmented liquid highlighter! Easy to apply and blend on both the face and body, this must-have product provides a seamless glow, beautifully enhancing your features. 

Niqua Beauty – Pressed powder highlighter

A lightly textured pressed powder highlighter that takes your glow to the next level. The soft powders allow for subtle and easy application onto the skin making it buildable to your desired level of glow. 

Highly pigmented and enriched in colour for extra glam!

Apply this product directly onto the skin; preferably after foundation onto the areas that you’d like to see more sparkle. 

Asante Luxe Glow

This summer, your Cos Box has included one of two summer essential samples from Asante Luxe Glow.

Rich shimmer body butterthis highly moisturising body butter blurs imperfections adding a bronze glow to the skin, this gem can be used for situated soft highlighting on the face and body.

Glow powdera finely milled naturally crystallised powder which can be used on the eyes, face, lips and body for a poppin’ glow.


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