What shall I do about dry skin?

June 2019
Outside The Box
Reading Time: < 1 minute

We caught up with the Cosmetic Scientist behind the brand Shop Amelia Maysun about all things skincare. Check out her tips for dry skin below!

Things to avoid:

  • Bar soaps, these often leave your skin feeling tight and dry.
  • Harsh scrubs, many aggressive cleansing brushes can lead to even more dryness.
  • Avoid products containing skin drying ingredients like, fragrance, menthol and alcohol.

Things to do:

  • Use moisturisers and serums / boosters that are packed with amazing skin replenishing and restoring ingredients including antioxidats to help rehydrate your skin. Non fragrant oils or hyaluronic acid will help dramatically improve hydration.
  • Use gentle exfoliants to help shed the build up of surface layers of dead skin cells with well formulated products that contain AHA or BHA.

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