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March 2019
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Double cleansing is a beauty staple in Korea and can be touted as just one of the reasons behind their flawless skin.

How do you cleanse? This may seem like a weird question but depending on who you ask the answers can vary.  If you were to ask Korean beauty insiders the resounding answer would be “I double cleanse.”  Double cleanse I hear you gasp. Yes, double cleanse!


So what exactly is double cleansing and how can you be using it in your skin regime?

Double cleansing is the method in which you clean your skin in two steps. 

The first involves an oil based cleanser being used to remove oil based impurities such as makeup, SPF and sebum.  The reason why this step is so beneficial to your skin is because it gently removes impurities without disrupting your skin’s natural balance. When it comes to cleansing like for like works best, oil is best for removing oil.

The second step involves using a water based cleanser to now remove water based impurities such as sweat and dirt. And again the benefit here is all your makeup has now been removed, so there is no need to tug at your skin to remove the day’s makeup. Skincare should always be gentle and never harsh.

You should now be left with squeaky clean, but not tight skin, with the two types of impurities that make skin look urgh, now gone.

Your skin type will determine the type of oil based cleanser you would want to use but all of them should be gentle and nourishing to the skin. The aim here is not to strip skin of its natural oils and disrupt its natural barrier.


Here’s how to do it:


Gently massage a (10p) size amount of oil onto dry skin for around a minute being sure not to tug at the skin.  Massaging the cleansing oil into skin will help dissolve all the oily residue.  Follow with a clean warm face cloth to remove oil and makeup in an upward motion. 


With a wet canvas apply your gel or water based cleanser into your hands and massage into skin, again for a minute, for the final step in this cleansing routine. Rinse with warm water and pat skin dry with a clean face towel. 

Now the type of oil cleanser you use is up for debate.  Some skincare experts recommend only using an oil based cleanser that has been specifically formulated for the purpose of oil cleansing. Others suggest plant based oils work just as well. Our take, if you are new to this we recommend starting with an oil based cleanser and seeing how your skin reacts. However, if your skin isn’t particularly acne prone then plant based oils may work just as well for you. The beauty of skin is what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another and vice versa.

If you want to go down the purely plant based route of oils, then oily skin will benefit from hemp seed oil. Dry or mature skin will benefit from a richer oil such as avocado oil and if your skin is normal then jojoba oil will work great.

Check out these oil cleansers below & click the ‘Click Me.’ buttons to see more!

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